3 Benefits of Art Therapy

3 Benefits of Art Therapy

Woman learning about the benefits of art therapy

Choosing to go to therapy can be a tough decision for anyone looking to better their mental health. It is a decision that shows strength and willingness to improve, but it can be hard to find the form of therapy that suits you best with all the therapeutic options available today. At Peer Mental Wellness, located in Santa Ana, California, we understand how difficult this decision can be. We have assembled a team of specialists dedicated to helping our clients identify and receive the best mental health treatment possible. Art therapy is one of the most effective approaches to mental health treatment, and our art therapy program can help you or your loved one heal.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art has always been a means of expression, one that taps into the core of an artist’s inner feelings and emotions. Art therapy takes this notion one step further and actively explores the underlying emotional themes present in the pieces our clients create. These pieces can take many forms and utilize a variety of artistic techniques, but the quality of the work is not the focus. The Peer Mental Wellness philosophy does not believe in mistakes regarding our clients’ art. Rather, we believe in examining the symbols, metaphors, and nonverbal messages hidden between the lines and our perceived mistakes.

Advantages of Art Therapy

At Peer Mental Wellness, we treat art as a mechanism through which clients may identify, explore, and come to terms with their emotions and mental health. The advantages of art therapy are abundant as it is a form of therapy that caters to all ages and is not location-specific. An art therapy session can take place in both private and public settings. Whether from the comfort of your home or within our local facility, art therapy can occur wherever it’s most needed.

Mental Health Benefits of Art Therapy

Like many other forms of therapy, the benefits of art therapy can be seen in both the long- and short-term. Exploring our emotions can be difficult, especially when we just can’t find the right words. Art therapy allows the clients’ art to speak for them as they come to terms with their mental health.

Three key benefits of art therapy include:

1. Improve Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

By channeling emotions through creating art, clients can find relief from overwhelming emotional crises or trauma that otherwise might have remained unexplored.

2. Improve Self-Esteem

No artistic skill is necessary for art therapy. The point of creating art within this context is to come to terms with the emotions we feel rather than repressing or avoiding them. This allows clients to build confidence in both themselves and their ability to explore their emotions.

3. Develop Coping Mechanisms and Manage Stress

It’s hard to fix a problem we can’t identify, and sometimes our emotions can overwhelm us to the point where finding a solution feels impossible. Art therapy helps clients identify the roots of their stress so that they may develop the appropriate coping mechanisms to lead a happy and healthy life.

Discover the Psychological Benefits of Art Therapy at Peer Mental Wellness

The psychological benefits of art therapy come in the form of the trust that clients build with their therapists and within themselves. Art therapists are trained to understand how texture, color, and other forms of artistic expression relate to our inner thoughts and feelings. The tools utilized and developed during art therapy sessions are focused on helping clients feel comfortable exploring their emotions as they journey through everyday life.

Discover the many benefits of art therapy and how it can improve your mental health. Contact our offices at Peer Mental Wellness to schedule an appointment at 714.844.5473 or for more information on art therapy and other holistic treatment options in our center.