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Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Program in Los Angeles

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woman participating in a mindfulness meditation therapy program in los angeles The 21st century is one marked by incredible technological advancement and a great diversification of how people socially interact with each other. Life has, without question, become more fast-paced and harder to handle. This can leave people feeling overwhelmed and even incapable of coping with the stress day-to-day life can conjure. Everyone needs a moment to slow things down and reconnect with themselves now and then. Unfortunately, some individuals have become so ingrained into the everyday grind that they now have trouble and may have even forgotten how to relax and find these moments of bliss. One solution is a meditative therapy program if you live in Los Angeles. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or is simply having trouble finding time to relax, Peer Mental Wellness offers a range of mental health therapy programs located in the Los Angeles area. Our specialists are trained and dedicated to helping patients along their road to recovery regardless of their mental health issues. 

Meditative Therapy Programs in Los Angeles 

You might be asking yourself: “What exactly is mindfulness meditation therapy?” Well, it is, in part, exactly what it sounds like. It incorporates the principles of meditation and therapy with the techniques utilized in mindfulness-based stress reduction. Mindfulness meditation is a branch of psychotherapy that combines cognitive therapy and meditation to create a more mindful perspective in patients. The elements of psychotherapy and cognitive therapy utilized in mindfulness meditation therapy can be seen in how participants and therapists interact.

Psychotherapy merely describes the nature of the treatment, which is based on open dialogue, and cognitive therapy describes the content of the dialogue. Through meditation and the practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques, therapists work to draw a deeper connection between the emotions participants feel and the behaviors they display. 

Meditation Therapy Programs in Los Angeles

While there is a level of variety in the services offered by these treatments, if you are searching for meditation therapy programs in Los Angeles, you are likely to encounter the following:


Meditation can take on multiple different forms. Whether self-directed or guided, meditation helps one get in touch with themselves and gain a greater awareness of their thoughts and feelings. 

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is a broad term that describes a state of being where one is aware of:

  • Themselves
  • Their thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Behaviors

Mindfulness is practiced by embracing the present moment with focus and determination. In this regard, mindfulness can be practiced during normal everyday activities. 

Body Scan Exercises

This technique focuses heavily on meditation and mindfulness. Body scan exercises start by having participants lie down and begin to meditate. As the meditation progresses, therapists will direct their participant’s attention to specific parts of the body, commonly starting at the toes and slowly progressing up to the head. 

Mindfulness Stretching

This technique sees participants go through a normal stretching routine while focusing on being aware of the movements of their body and the emotions these movements conjure. 


Different from mindfulness stretching, yoga involves the same technique but is practiced for a longer period. Different yoga poses can elicit different physical and emotional reactions, some expected and some very unexpected. In these unexpected reactions, participants can gain a deeper understanding of the connection between their mind and body. 

While each technique is different, all share a common focus: awareness of the self, awareness of the body, and awareness of the sensations and thoughts in between. 

Let the Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Program in Los Angeles at Peer Mental Wellness Get You on the Road to Recovery

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental health concern or has questions about meditation therapy programs in Los Angeles, contact Peer Mental Wellness today at 714.844.5473