Insurances We Accept

client and addiction treatment specialist discuss mental health insurance coverage If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, seeking help can feel overwhelming. There can be many roadblocks to getting help, from time away from your daily responsibilities to finding a treatment center that provides the care you need. However, one aspect of treatment that should not be a barrier to treatment is insurance coverage. At Peer Mental Wellness, we believe everyone should have access to quality addiction treatment. We accept a wide variety of insurance providers in order to ensure that everyone can get the care they need.

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Insurances Accepted at Peer Mental Wellness

We accept all of the following insurances:

Addiction treatment is a critical component of recovery. Without insurance coverage, the cost could prevent someone from seeking the help they need. Making treatment more accessible is our priority, which is why we accept a wide variety of insurance providers.

It is essential to note that insurance coverage also plays a role in the quality of care a patient receives. Patients with insurance coverage have more options when it comes to treatment centers, as they can choose among a wider range of centers and plans. More options mean patients can find the best fit for their individual needs, ultimately leading to better outcomes. Additionally, insurance coverage often includes aftercare services, which can be just as critical as the initial treatment. 

Verifying Your Insurance with Peer Mental Wellness

If you are unsure whether your insurance is covered at Peer Mental Wellness, reach out to our team today. We can quickly verify your insurance and get you started with treatment. Depending on your coverage, a referral from a primary care provider may be required before treatment can begin. No one should have to face addiction alone or without access to quality treatment. We are committed to making addiction treatment more accessible, and insurance coverage plays a significant role in this. 

Our Treatment Programs

Programs we offer at Peer Mental Wellness include:

  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders – If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and a mental health concern, our team can provide comprehensive care.
  • Partial hospitalization program – Our partial hospitalization program provides a step down from inpatient care.
  • Intensive outpatient programs – Intensive outpatient treatment helps those transitioning from a partial hospitalization program and those who need more intensive treatment than what an outpatient program provides.
  • Outpatient programs – Outpatient programs provide flexibility for those with busy lives as they continue with their recovery journey.
  • Aftercare support – We provide critical aftercare support to ensure long-term success.

Accessible, effective, and holistic mental health treatment—that’s what we are committed to at Peer Mental Wellness. We have deep roots in our community and feature a wide variety of holistic therapies that can support a successful recovery journey.

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If you or a loved one is facing addiction, accessing quality treatment should not be determined by insurance coverage. At Peer Mental Wellness, we believe everyone deserves to have access to the help they need to achieve recovery. By accepting a wide range of insurances, we are committed to making addiction treatment more affordable and accessible. With our team’s assistance and your insurance coverage, we can help you or your loved one take the necessary steps toward recovery. Verify your insurance coverage today by calling 714.844.5473 and let us help you start your journey toward healing.