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Peer is Art. Life is Art.

The Peer Wellness philosophy is based on the premise that every human soul is Art. Now, when we hear this, a common response is “I am no artist.” We disagree. Human beings make things. If nothing else, you are the architect and fabricator of your own life. However one’s inner self is expressed in the material world is Art.

At Peer, we aim to help people find their artist nature again. This process changes a person. What was once a mental illness is now your unique view of the world. What was once pain is now wisdom. What was once trauma is now how I connect with my community. What society calls a disease we call an artist not fully developed in their medium. Your medium are your tools of the trade – what you use to manifest your art. Living your life is a sacred act of creation. Mistakes do not exist. Instead, mistakes become only painful lessons with which we transform and turn into what is next.

Now, when we describe our philosophy and process to new clients, another thing we often hear is, “Well, I used to really like to paint/sing/draw/write/dance/etc., but I’m not very good at it.” We believe that judgements of good or bad miss the point entirely. Allowing the self to emerge and shine forth is art. It does not have to be good. We make art because we are humans with a need to express ourselves. The process is the point. Creating is the goal. Furthermore, a peer is your equal. And at Peer Wellness, we are all equals. Our collective pain, suffering and madness is what connects all of us artists. We all let our art shine through.

Peer Wellness is built on the founding philosophy that the answers and solutions we all seek in life can be brought up from the source, the creative wellspring within the self. Like a well we all are experiencing a thirst to draw up these waters. We must go deep down to the bottom and draw up that which nourishes us. Reaching inward towards the darkness where the source of all light resides. Peer is a vast wellspring where people share in one another’s wellness adventure.

At Peer Wellness, we seek to help people find real solutions and methods of harmonizing with their unique set of self-identified “problems.” Problems lead to solutions and solutions beget exciting new problems. This is the process we spoke of earlier. And we are here to walk you through it. Peer Wellness is located in downtown Santa Ana, blocks away from most social service programs in Orange County. We provide a vast array of mental health therapy and psychiatric diagnosis. More importantly we are here to listen and provide guidance toward your own well. Peer Wellness believes that you are equal to the challenge of improving you.

If you or someone you love has been struggling with mental health and are ready to reconnect with the artist within, please consider giving us a call today.



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