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Peer Mental Wellness is first and foremost a community. We help those who are in need of mental health treatment through highly effective outpatient treatment programs, and our greatest asset is our team. The multidisciplinary team at Peer Mental Wellness can help you or your loved one reach their goals and reconnect with who they are.

Learn more about Peer Mental Wellness and our team members by connecting with us at 714.844.5473.

Meet the Peer Mental Wellness Staff


Sifu Mathew Carver


Sifu Mathew Carver has been a student of martial and healing arts for the past 25 years, training and learning with such notable Masters and Grandmasters as Sifu Hing Wo-Tsim, Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, Aaron Kwan Hong, and Chung Liang Huang. Currently, Sifu Carver is in the process of earning his doctorate in Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University, which he plans to utilize to alter and redefine the sad trajectory of modern psychiatric treatment.

After graduating from Loyola Marymount University and after years of strenuous training, Sifu Carver in 2003 attained the honor of Sifu (teacher-father in Chinese) and opened a small school of healing called Lau Kune Do Temple in Lake Forest, California under the tutelage and advisement of his teacher and close friend Grandmaster “Richard” Tsim. Using principles and modalities proven effective for thousands of years to balance lives, this temple grew into an outpatient addiction recovery center called Phoenix Healing Arts. A place where old lives are reborn anew. Sifu Carver also began pioneering Tai Chi and Qigong as standard practices in nearly every treatment center in Southern California at the time (the list is endless). Teaching at well over 20 different facilities, Sifu Carver honed his craft working with those who needed balance and restoration the most, people suffering from addiction and mental illness.

Sifu Carver conceived, constructed, and executed a stand-alone program in 2010 that combined all he had learned over the years working with brave souls suffering from addiction and mental illness. This autonomous program, Zen Recovery Path, used holistic methods to treat substance abuse as an alternative to traditional and celebrated 12-step programs. This program became known worldwide treating clients from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and even the Galapagos Islands.

During the all too brief years of Zen Recovery Path (2010-2018), Sifu Carver began to realize how many addicts suffered from mental illness as a primary diagnosis. Though mental illness seemed to be the underlying cause, addiction rehab facilities at the time only treated substance abuse and generally ignored or underserved those needing mental health assistance.

This changed with Barn Life Recovery. Barn Life Recovery was, and still remains, the only mental health treatment facility of its kind in California. Sifu Carver worked closely with the staff at the California Department of Social Services to create an outpatient adult day program that serves the mentally ill exclusively and on a primary level. No longer did people with mental illness have to pretend or overly exaggerate being addicts in order to receive proper and comprehensive care. Barn Life Recovery treats people with mental health issues first and foremost as well as co-occurring disorders that often arise. This groundbreaking program gave people the option to have discreet mental health care without having to go to a psychiatric hospital or an asylum for the mentally ill. No longer was mental illness a stigmatized or dirty word. Using modern psychotherapy and ancient Far East principles, Barn Life Recovery revolutionized the mental health recovery world in Southern California and it is Sifu Carver’s goal to end mental health stigmas and prejudices across the planet so that everyone who needs help, finds it.


Alyssa Panis


Alyssa has been a trailblazer in the behavioral health industry for nearly a decade.

During that time, she has specialized in medical billing and coding as well as revenue cycle management and collections. Alyssa started with Zen Recovery Path, Inc. in billing and revenue management, quickly learning as she grew into the position of COO with Barn Life, LLC. Alyssa has built billing/revenue departments at several facilities in Southern California from the ground up as well as improving the efficiency and efficacy of existing billing departments. Alyssa has co-founded two behavioral health companies and acts as the COO for both Peer Mental Wellness and Barn Life Recovery. Alyssa has assembled and trained several Joint Commission Teams, guiding them through multiple Joint Commission accreditations and renewal accreditations. Additionally, Alyssa has overseen the implementation and upkeep of several EMRs, clinical departments, and human resources departments.

In her spare time, she enjoys studying Chinese metaphysics and relaxing with her three Italian Mastiffs.

Arlyne Magallanez, BS/M, CLC, SUDRC#14037

Executive Director

Arlyne graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Service/Management degree in 2010 and obtained her certification in Life Coach in 2009. Arlyne is also a Substance Use Disorder Register Counselor and is in the process of her Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Arlyne has over 13 years of experience working as a Case manager and has many resources to meet client’s needs.

Arlyne explored working in different areas of healthcare to find her niche. This included Marketing, Business Development, Life Coaching, and one-on-one care with a wide variety of patients ranging from SUD and learning disabilities to all stages of mental health. Arlyne has experience working in a mental health and substance abuse setting that includes, detox, residential, inpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs.

Arlyne started as Case Manager/Discharge Planner at Peer Mental Wellness in November 2021 and is now the Executive Director and continues to strive to provide compassionate, consistent, individualized care for all clients.


Kevin Woolums

Clinical Director

Kevin Woolums is the program director here at Peer Mental Wellness and he aims to provide deep and safe sessions that ignite real insight, exploration, hope, and change. Clients need a safe space, knowledgeable support, and a collaborative effort. With his emphasis on soulful psychology, Kevin is the perfect complement to our blend of ancient Eastern methods and evidence-based treatment. With over a decade of working in counseling psychology and extensive post-graduate work in depth-psychology, dreams, and more, Kevin helps clients discover the infections beneath difficult symptoms, the hidden treasure within their greatest obstacles, and desired support at a pace that is right for them.

With a master’s in marriage and family therapy, Ph.D. studies in depth psychology, and years of specialization in addiction treatment, existential crisis, mood disorder, and the process of individuation, Kevin can help you through leading clinical intervention and a sharp, curious, and gentle ear to the unconscious.

Kevin loves directing our program at Peer Mental Wellness and he hopes to work with you!

Additional areas of emphasis:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Archetypal patterns
  • Religious
  • Familial
  • Solution
  • Mythic
  • Dream
  • Art making

Colette Hawley

Creative Director

Colette Hawley is a multi-award-winning singer and comedian from Chicago and New York City (Comedy Central, MTV, Bravo).

Five years ago, Ms. Hawley repurposed her life to sing for seniors. During COVID-19, Colette found lots of creative ways to still sing shows for her seniors. Her efforts were lauded by CNN, FOX NEWS, TMZ, The Washington Post, The New York Post, and more. Colette brings all this creative wonder to Peer Mental Wellness. She believes that finding and expressing our creativity is the path to self-love and mental wellness.


Kristin Minichiello

Operations Coordinator

Kristin has been working in the mental health and addiction field since 2016 when she listened to her heart and followed her passion for helping others. Kristin has had the opportunity to excel in roles such as a behavioral tech, a case manager, a member of the operations team, as well as a Reiki practitioner. Kristin aims to find that special spark deep down inside of every individual. She finds that spark and helps it shine as bright as it can, whether that be as bright as it used to be or as bright as it’s ever been. Kristin believes that every morning, we are faced with two decisions; make it an amazing day or focus on the yuck. Life is beautiful, and Kristin would like to help you not only see the beauty but create your own beauty to help you truly love yourself and life again.

Tania Acevedo, M.A., LPCC

Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Tania Acevedo, M.A., LPCC, is a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over a decade of experience in the field of behavioral health. She holds a master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Redlands and is deeply passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal mental health and overall well-being.

Tania is skilled at providing crisis assessment and intervention as well as staff training, coaching, and oversight. She leads programs enabling clientele with co-occurring disorders from various socio-economic backgrounds to achieve stabilization, recovery, and rehabilitation. Tania drives organizational effectiveness by assessing clinical operations and identifying opportunities for process and quality improvements, resulting in superior standards of clinical excellence.

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Megan Matamoros

Primary Therapist

Joining the Peer Mental Wellness team as the Primary Therapist, in the capacity of Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC). My background in the mental and behavioral health fields, as a direct service provider, includes working with various populations including individuals that meet criteria for “severe and persistent illness” (SPMI), dual diagnosis, developmental and cognitive disabilities within individual, group and family therapy settings. My background within an administrative capacity includes assisting with rolling out and developing Telehealth, auditing charts for appropriate documentation, and training providers/allied healthcare workers to navigate the EMR, reskill, respond to and decrease the spread of numerous medical conditions including COVID-19. I have served populations presenting a range of complex medical disorders as well as emotional, behavioral, substance abuse and developmental challenges. Before serving as a direct service provider, I worked as a researcher for Chaminade University of Honolulu in the Center of Medical Psychology focusing on ADHD in male children and sleep in college students. Followed by Biomedical research in Developmental Biology focusing on the correlation between preterm birth and obesity. I am a certified clinical trauma professional, EMDR Trained, trained in various Evidence-based Practices, and hold numerous degrees from Chaminade University of Honolulu: Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling Psychology, Bachelor of Science Biology, Bachelor of Art Psychology and a Minor in Mathematics. I am currently enrolled in California Southern University working towards my doctorate in psychology, PsyD.