Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles

woman in cognitive behavioral therapyChoosing to go to therapy can be one of a person’s hardest choices to make. It’s not easy to admit when you need help, and this decision can be made even more difficult when faced with all the options available for treatment. Your mental health is vitally important, but when times prove to be too tough to handle, a mental health therapy program can help.

Mental health therapy is one of the best ways to maintain a strong sense of mental health, but the question arises, how do you find the best form of therapy for you? 

At Peer Mental Wellness, our team of dedicated specialists will work tirelessly to help you find the best therapeutic fit for you. One of the most effective forms of therapy we offer is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Learn more about our mental health therapy programs by connecting with our team at 714.844.5473.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)  is a form of psychological treatment that has proven to be effective in treating a wide variety of mental health issues. The core principle of cognitive-behavioral therapy states that there is a deep connection between behavior and the emotions that people feel as they go through their day-to-day tasks. This relationship profoundly influences mental health and emotional well-being and can be strengthened through open dialogue with a cognitive-behavioral specialist. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can treat issues such as:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that seeks to make sense of emotions and to draw a clear link between how feelings affect actions. 


Cognitive-behavioral therapy pushes participants to understand how their emotions may distort their perception of reality. By addressing these distortions, our clients find that they can better understand their behaviors in addition to the behavior of those around them. Therapists will provide clients with problem-solving skills to cope with emotionally distressing situations and work to improve their self-confidence. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy explores how behavior patterns can affect daily life and intensify personal problems. This is done by bringing clients face to face with problems that they would otherwise avoid at all costs. For example, if a client is experiencing depression that has caused them to withdraw socially, cognitive-behavioral therapists will seek to address the root mechanisms of their depression and draw a clear connection between their emotions and actions.


A large emphasis is placed on helping individuals learn to be their own therapists. Because of this, your therapist may at times ask you to do some work outside of sessions. This, in addition to a variety of other exercises, will, over time, help clients develop the coping mechanisms necessary to understand their thinking, feelings, and behavior. In addition, these exercises are designed to help improve clients’ confidence in their abilities to deal with emotional stress. This form of therapy focuses on what is going on in the person’s current life rather than explicitly focusing on their past. While personal information on past events is required, cognitive-behavioral therapy does not seek to rectify the past. Instead, it focuses on evaluating the present to charter a clear path to a brighter, more healthy future. 


Your mental health is precious and should be valued and prioritized. Learn more about how a cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Los Angeles can help you regain control of your mind and life. CBT mental health treatment is just one of the many options available at Peer Mental Wellness.

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