TMS Therapy

man wearing glasses talks with therapist about starting a tms therapy programAre you feeling depressed or anxious? Have you tried several treatments, but nothing seems to be working? If so, you may want to consider transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) Therapy. This therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to treat depression and anxiety. As part of Peer Mental Wellness’s outpatient mental health treatment programs, we are proud to offer TMS therapy to the greater Los Angeles and Santa Ana communities.

TMS therapy can support people who have not responded well to traditional treatments and medications, such as anti-depressants. If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment to help with your mental health, TMS therapy could be the right option for you.

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TMS therapy is a non-invasive, non-systemic treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. Specifically, TMS therapy targets the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for regulating mood. The magnetic pulses create small electric currents that stimulate or “wake up” the nerve cells in this area. As a result, TMS therapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Why does this approach work? TMS therapy works by disrupting the negative thought patterns that can keep people with depression and anxiety stuck in their current state. By working to reset these circuits, TMS helps create new connections and pathways for improved mood regulation.


TMS therapy has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression and can also be effective for anxiety. Clinical studies show that TMS therapy is a much safer and more effective alternative to traditional treatments, such as antidepressant medications and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). TMS therapy has fewer side effects than medication, and patients experience a greater quality of life in the long term.

Just a few of the benefits of TMS therapy include:

  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Reduced anxiety symptoms
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved motivation and daily functioning
  • Decreased risk of relapse after treatment ends

Every patient’s experience with TMS therapy is unique, and your treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs.


TMS therapy is a non-invasive outpatient procedure that takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Patients sit in a comfortable chair, and a magnetic coil is placed over the scalp. During the procedure, patients may feel a tapping or knocking sensation on their forehead. After the session is over, patients can resume their normal activities without any downtime. The total number of TMS therapy sessions needed varies depending on the individual and the severity of their symptoms.

Peer Mental Wellness offers TMS therapy as part of our outpatient mental health programs. If it’s appropriate for you, our team of experienced providers will personalize a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We are committed to helping you achieve your mental health goals in the safest, most effective way possible.


TMS therapy is a safe and effective way to treat depression and anxiety. While not everyone is a candidate for this type of therapy, it can be life-changing for those who respond well. As part of Peer Mental Wellness’s outpatient mental health programs, we are proud to offer TMS therapy in the greater Los Angeles and Santa Ana areas.

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