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Woman with glasses learning about an individual therapy program los angelesA classic line lingers almost ubiquitously in medical and therapy-focused TV shows: “Admitting you need help is the hardest part.” While this may be true, what about actually finding that help? In the case of mental health therapy, this can be difficult. This is because therapy describes an enormous range of physical and psychological services aimed at improving and maintaining an individual’s mental health. It can be difficult to discern which of these services is the best fit when looking for help, but for many, individual therapy can provide a foundation for stability. If you or anyone you know is searching for an individual therapy program in Los Angeles, here are a few things to consider. 

What Is an Individual Counseling Program?

An individual counseling program, better known as individual therapy, is a type of therapy where patients work one-on-one with a trained professional to better understand their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. This is different from group therapy, a form of therapy that takes place in a room with multiple people discussing their problems. Individual therapy is a form of mental health treatment that aims to analyze a patient’s most pressing problems and help them develop the coping mechanisms required to aid them in leading a happy, healthy life. It can be used to treat a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, and much more. 

Is Individual Therapy a Good Form of Mental Health Treatment?

Individual therapy is a great form of mental health treatment because of the wide variety of services it offers. These services are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the patient and help them develop the appropriate coping skills. Here is a list and description of a few of the services offered through individual therapy: 

  • Psychotherapy – This is the type of therapy that most people see portrayed in film and on TV. It is commonly referred to as “talk therapy” and uses conversation as its primary tool for recovery and focuses on talking through the most pressing issues in a patient’s life
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – Similar in practice to psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy uses conversation to uncover hidden and repressed thoughts and feelings. Therapists will aim to make sense of these feelings within the context of the patient’s reality and hope to give them a better understanding of the relationship between their thoughts and feelings. 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – Dialectical behavior therapy combines the principles of psychotherapy and cognitive behavior to create a treatment program that is focused on emotional regulation and stress tolerance.

Each type of individual therapy is different and refined to best fit the needs of the patient, a task the Peer Mental Wellness team is dedicated to seeing done the right way. 

How to Find Individual Therapy Programs in Los Angeles

Admitting that help is needed is no easy task, and it may very well be the hardest part, but why should finding help prove to be just as difficult? Leaving mental health issues untreated, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, can have potentially life-ruining effects. That is why it is so important to talk to a specialist who can prescribe the appropriate remedy.

Discover Individual Therapy at Peer Mental Wellness

No one wants to view their mental health as a task on a to-do list. That is why the Peer Mental Wellness team, located in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, is dedicated to forming relationships and establishing a bond with their patients built on trust and mutual respect. Maintaining one’s mental health is not a chore; it is a part of life’s great journey, and the staff at Peer Mental Wellness wants nothing more than to aid their patients along the way. For more information on individual therapy programs in Los Angeles, contact us today at 714.844.5473